Baugh Graphic Design is prepared to help you produce highly effective print media. With over thirty years experience in print layout design and production, we can help you develop highly effective printed material.

Printing has never been more affordable than what it is today. From tremendous advances in scanning and digital pre-press, to the speed, quality, and economies employed by today's printers ... full color printing costs about the same today as black and white printing cost just a few years ago. These economies have also been a boon for print advertising; proofing, file preparation, and art submission costs have also dropped substantially.

Newsletters are one of the most effective means of direct marketing. The newsletter tells your story to customers and prospects alike. When advertising dollars are scarce, the newsletter is a worthy alternative for delivery of your publication to a highly targeted audience. Baugh Design can also prepare your publications in web optimized PDF formats, allowing for distribution via e-mail, or viewing, printing and download from your web site.

What are your specific print design needs? Give us a call and let's discover the possibilities.

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